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We love "KASVU"

Our energetic, innovative and customer-centered team is focused on making Nordic growth companies succeed; grow and enter global markets. Our Nordic Source ecosystem is unique, and we connect growth companies, growth partners and investors like no other company.

In practice we help

  • Growth companies to find best growth partners.
  • Corporations to meet the most innovative growth companies with whom to partnership and find that new competitive edge.
  • Expert organizations to meet the most innovative growth companies and accelerate their own organization’s learning.
  • Investors to find the most interesting and growth-potential unlisted SMEs to invest.

Our three main competitive edges

  1. Strongest growth company and partner network
  2. Leading portfolio
  3. Most experienced team of growth experts

Kasvu Open

The largest growth coaching program for SMES in Finland

Grow to Market

The largest private internationalization program for SMEs in Finland


Nordic Startup Investor


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