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Kasvu Open Karnevaali

24.–25.10.2018 @Jyväskylä
We are delighted to invite you to the main event of Kasvu Open.

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We are a team of growth experts

We create platforms where our expanding network of almost 3000 growth-hungry companies and over 2000 experts, from Finland and abroad, can connect and coach each other for growth and a better world.

We believe in concrete goals and measurable results

But we’ve realised that none of it matters if there’s no spark for growth. That spark can turn into a blaze and take you to places. That’s what has happened to many companies in our network, including us.

Incredible learning experience and co-learning with the group that went to Grow to China 2018.  Great support, information and leads.

Dr. Leona Gilbert , Te?ted


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