Who we are
and why we exist

We founded Kasvun Roihu, because Finland needs to be saved, and with growth ventures we can do it.

Helping small and middle-sized companies is the key for growth

As Finnish economy is crawling, new growth and jobs are created in small and middle-sized companies. These entrepreneurs and managers are often alone and need the best help they can get. That’s what we want to give them with our network and services.

Our mission

is to be Finland’s most remarkable inspirer for companies to grow and a window for them to enter global markets.

Our story

Our own path to growth started in 2009. At the time, Finland, as most of the Western world, was struggling with the worst financial crisis of the decade… We, Nina and Matti – the founding partners of Roihu – met in a public project called Competence for Enterprise Central Finland. The goal of the project was to help local companies renew their business models for growth with fresh competence.


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Our team