Our mission is to inspire growth and enable growth companies to meet the best growth partners.

Who we are?

We have true mission to support growth companies

Our energetic, innovative and customer-centred team of 43 growth professionals at Roihu and Innovestor is focused on making Nordic growth companies succeed; grow and enter global markets.

We truly know Finnish growth companies;

who they are, what are their goals and challenges and what kind of help they need to grow and enter global markets. We can honestly and proudly say this because nowadays we analyse annually 2000 SME’s growth plans and over 500 SME face-to-face. Since 2014 we have analyzed over 7700 Finnish growth companies. Most of these 7700 growth companies have gotten free coaching for their business and growth plans through our platforms and we have invested 130 million euros in them to support their growth in Finland and globally.

We are building an ecosystem

but not in its “worn out” meaning. Our goal is that through us growth companies, corporations, private expert organizations, business development operators, learning institutes and investors can truly connect and find valuable cooperation, which means that we concretely bring them together through our platforms. Currently in our Nordic Source ecosystem we have over 7700 growth companies, 250 corporate partners, 500 accredited investors and over 2000 growth experts that have given their know-how and experience to support our ecosystem’s growth companies.

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