Business Finland’s Industrial Internet program and Kasvun Roihu establish cooperation

Promoting the internationalization of Finnish companies

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This spring, Business Finland’s Industrial Internet -program and Kasvun Roihu’s internationalisation programs (Grow to Market -programs) will challenge Finnish growth companies to further invest in internationalisation. The aim of the cooperation is to create a strategic, long-term cooperation model between Kasvun Roihu’s Grow to Market programs and Business Finland’s Industrial Internet program to promote the internationalisation of Finnish SMEs.

“Even though 82 percent of Finnish growth companies seek international growth, only 12 percent of the companies practice foreign trade. This disparity must be resolved quickly. That is why we are launching a strategic project to further strengthen our cooperation,” tell Business Finland’s Industrial Internet Program Directors Reijo Smolander and Tiina Nurmi and Kasvun Roihu’s Matti Härkönen, one of the founders of Kasvu Open and the Grow to Market concept.

During the cooperation, Kasvun Roihu will implement three Grow to Market programs, targeted to the Swedish, US and Chinese markets. Approximately 70 Finnish small and medium-sized growth companies and 500 company managers and internationalisation partners will take part in the programs. Overall, nearly 600 internationalisation sparring sessions will be held during 17 event days both in Finland and the target countries.

The program will be carried out with an innovative private-public model, where Finnish and international partners offer their expertise, networks and funding to encourage the growth of internationalisation-seeking companies.

“Over 25 partners, including the Nasqad Stock Market and the world’s leading home appliance manufacturer Haier, have participated in promoting internationalisation among Finnish companies. This, combined with Finland’s largest sparring program Kasvu Open’s extensive network of over 3,000 companies, creates a unique basis for provoking hunger for international growth across Finland. Now was the time to start building a strong cooperation model with Business Finland as well, and the Industrial Internet program provides a unique opportunity for doing so,” states Matti Härkönen, the CEO of Kasvun Roihu.

“Our aim is to accelerate Finnish companies’ access to global markets. Cooperation with Kasvun Roihu allows us to provide companies with a more comprehensive range of internationalisation services, especially in the beginning of the internationalisation process,” state Reijo Smolander and Tiina Nurmi.

What is the Industrial Internet program?

Business Finland’s Industrial Internet program offers innovation funding and internationalisation services to Finnish companies. The services include the funding of products aimed at global markets, service development and pilot projects. In addition, customers get the opportunity to become part of a carefully chosen group of companies, whose products and services are introduced to a global market (e.g. United States, Great Britain and Germany). The program also funds research projects.

We create new growth by helping businesses go global and by supporting and funding innovations. Our experts, extensive knowledge and international networks enable companies to seize market opportunities and turn them into global success stories. As a new organisation, created by the merger of Finpro and Tekes, we seek to constantly develop and improve our operations to fulfil the wishes of our customers.


What is Kasvun Roihu?

In four years, Kasvun Roihu has challenged over 2,000 experienced growth experts to spar Finnish small and medium-sized companies to grow their business in “Kasvu Open” and “Grow to Market” growth programs. In order to carry out its over 100 growth programs, Kasvun Roihu has summoned a network of 220 partners from Finland, USA, China and Sweden to participate. One example of an international partner network commitment to the growth of Finnish companies is the incubator agreement concluded with the world’s leading home appliance manufacturer HAIER in October 2017. Kasvu Open events organised by Kasvun Roihu are currently running, from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and from Vaasa to Lappeenranta. The upcoming Grow to Market programs will be directed to Shanghai, New York and Stockholm.



Additional information

Matti Härkönen, CEO, Kasvun Roihu Oy, +358 40 578 2688,

Reijo Smolander, Program Director, Business Finland, +358 40 552 9681,

Tiina Nurmi, Program Director, Business Finland, +358 50 557 7868


Fact boxes

Industrial Internet program and Business Finland

– Business Finland is a Finnish public actor who funds innovations and offers internationalisation, investment and travel promotion services.

– Business Finland employs 600 experts in 40 branches around the world as well as 20 regional offices in Finland. Business Finland is part of the Team Finland network.

– Business Finland’s Industrial Internet program offers innovation funding and internationalisation services to Finnish IoT companies.

– Business Finland began its operation in 2018, after the merger of Tekes and Finpro.


Kasvun Roihu Oy

– Actual operation began in 2014

– A founding member and organiser of Kasvu Open, Finland’s largest sparring program. Already over 3,500 growth-oriented Finnish small and medium-sized companies (with average annual turnover of over 1 million euros and average annual growth rate of 30%) have applied to the program administered by Kasvu Open Oy.

– The company has created Finland’s leading private-public partnership model for internationalisation, the Grow to Market concept, in collaboration with the Boardman2020 network and NASDAQ Oyj. The current Grow to Market internationalisation programs are aimed at supporting market entry to China, USA and Sweden.

– Innovestor, a premier co-investment service in the Nordics, is a co-owner of Roihu,