Grow to USA program takes 15 growth companies to New York to map out the US markets.

Press release 26.10.2017

In January 2018, together with a strong group of partners, Kasvun Roihu Oy will take 15 growth-oriented companies for an international trip to the United States, New York. The Grow to USA program is realized by a versatile group of global as well as national partners who wish to support Finnish companies with internationalizing their businesses. These partners include Nasdaq, Marsh, Boardman 2020, Crowe Horwath, BackedbyCFO, Team Finland,, Booming Strategies & Marketing and Digital NYC.

The names of the companies selected for this internationalization trip were published today (October 26, 2017) at the finals of Finland’s largest sparring competition, the Kasvu Open Carnival held in Jyväskylä. The partners wanted to support three of these 15 companies in the implementation of their internationalization plan by offering them the Grow to USA program for free. In addition, the logos of the awarded companies will be displayed in Nasdaq’s video screen in New York Time Square.

From well-being technologies to high-quality bikes

During the summer, nearly 40 Finnish growth companies planning to expand their business to the United States or wishing to boost their internationalization plans applied for the Grow to USA program. Out of these companies, the program partners selected 30 companies for orientation workshops held in Helsinki in September 2017. In the workshops, companies were sparred in regard to their internationalization plans and were thus able to evaluate their own potential and capacity to expand their business to the US markets. After the workshops, the program partners met to select the 15 most potential companies for the Grow to USA trip. Veijo Komulainen, the Counsellor of Trade at the Consulate General of Finland in New York and Team Finland’s representative in the selection process, describes the selection process as an inspiring but challenging experience:

“It has been an exciting journey to get acquainted with forty different companies, all seeking their way to global markets. The challenging of and interaction with thirty of them brought up some amazing technologies and solutions, making the final selection both interesting and difficult.”

The companies chosen for the trip are Humap Software Ltd, Futurice Oy, Houston Analytics Oy, Fingertip Oy, Flashnode Oy, Critical Force Oy, Pole Bicycle Company Oy, Flexound Systems Oy, Oy, Firstbeat Technologies Oy, Ficonic Solutions Oy, Actiw Oy, NordSafety Oy, Tezted Oy and XMLdation Oy.

The partners wanted to support three of these 15 companies in the implementation of their internationalization plans by offering them the trip to New York in January for free, and the logos of the awarded companies will be displayed in Nasdaq’s video screen in New York Time Square.  One of these companies was Firstbeat Technologies Oy, a professional sports and consumer product company from Jyväskylä. The company expects the trip in January to generate ideas on how to increase sales.

“This is one way to map out the market for our well-being products on the east coast, so of course we hope to gain a better understanding of how to increase our sales there,” describes Joni Kettunen, the CEO of Firstbeat Technologies Oy.

According to Veijo Komulainen, sales, especially finding the right customers, is one of the most important factors in order to succeed in the US market.

“USA is nowadays much more reachable market than ever before; all information and means to make it are better available than ever before. One just needs to do the homework properly. All the selected companies have an edge in their business that just needs to be focused to the right customers in order to succeed on the US markets. That is exactly what Grow to USA is facilitating.”

Five days full of action

The Grow to USA trip will take place on January 22–26, 2018, in New York, where companies will have five active days full of meetings, networking and sparring. The program will be planned and perfected according to the needs and wishes of the selected companies, with the help of the partner group and their networks.

The program partner Minna Korpi (Director of Global Listing Services, Nasdaq) wishes good luck and success on the path of international growth to all companies selected for the Grow to USA program.

“Working with growth companies is absolutely one of the most exciting aspects of my job It is great to see the energy and enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs taking their companies to the next level.  Nasdaq is proud to partner with growth companies, helping them grow from small businesses to large listed companies. We wish all Grow to USA award winners a successful trip to New York and we wish them good luck in conquering the US markets.”

More information

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Minna Korpi, Director, Global Listing Services, Nasdaq, +358 50 553 9835,

Veijo Komulainen, Counsellor of Trade, Formin, +358 40 5166 552,

Joni Kettunen, CEO I CEO, Firstbeat Technologies Oy,

* Kasvun Roihu Oy is an expert company from Jyväskylä, founded in 2014, creating arenas where growth companies and experts connect and spar each other. Kasvun Roihu’s network consists of nearly 3,000 growth-oriented companies and over 2,000 experts – in Finland and abroad. During 2017, together with a strong partner group, Kasvun Roihu has supported the internationalization of nearly 40 Finnish businesses with Grow to Market programs. Kasvun Roihu Oy is one of the founders of Kasvu Open, Finland’s biggest company growth sparring program.