Kasvun Roihu Podcast

Listen the first Kasvun Roihu Podcast hosted by Marko Jalkanen and Janne Roiha!

What happens in Kasvu Open? This is in the center of Kasvun Roihu’s Podcast.

Podcast includes discussions about the companies, partners and growth experts who have participated to Kasvu Open. In addition to this typical growth challenges and growth success stories are in the center of this podcast.

NB. Podcast is in Finnish


You can listen the first
Kasvun Roihu Podcast from here!


Podcast is hosted by Marko Jalkanen and Janne Roiha.

Marko is a growth junkie. He has been part of the story of Groupon which was the fastest growing internet company in 2010. In addition to Groupon Marko has seen growth also as a part of the Nordic Business Forum team.

As a coach Janne has seen hundreds of Finnish growth companies. He believes that company can not grow if its team members don’t develop and change their way of doing.

Janne looks world from people’s point of view and Marko from salesman’s point of view.

The next podcast will be published in October!

– What is Growth Track / Kasvupolku?
– What is Kasvu Open Karnevaali?
– Growth story of one Kasvu Open company.