Towards Chinese markets together

7 companies were selected to Grow to China 2018 program

In June 2018 7 Finnish growth companies will head to Shanghai where they will have five intensive days to expand their knowledge about Chinese markets, get one-on-one coaching for their businesses and expand their network. These companies attending to Grow to China program were selected by the program partners.

Grow to China 2018 program is executed together with strong partner team, which includes both global as well as Chinese and Finnish operators. These partners are Kasvun Roihu, Haier Hai Chuanghui, Kolster, Boardman 2020, FinChi, Crowe Horwath, City of Jyväskylä, Techcode and Mistral Consulting. According to the one main partner of Grow to Market concept Crowe Horwath Finland the quality of the companies as well as the concept is constantly developing.

”This is the third Grow to Market program in which we are involved as a partner. Together with Kasvun Roihu and other partners we are continuously developing the process. Development can also be seen in growth companies leaving their application to these programs. The motivation level and quality of the companies is constantly improving.” Petri Palviainen, the Head of Advisory Service in the globally operating audit community Crowe Horwath Finland describes.

Application time to Grow to China program ended in the beginning of February 2018. After that program partners invited 22 companies to free of charge orientation workshop to Helsinki. In this workshop with the guidance of program partners, companies where able to map out how ready their business or product is for the Chinese markets. From this group of companies partners selected 7 most potential ones from this market’s point of view to the program. According to Kolster’s Head of Sales and Marketing Juhana Hietala partners’ main criteria in selection process was company’s commitment level to enter this market.

“One of the most important criteria in selecting the companies was their commitment to succeed in this market. Each selected company has true interest and also the needed resources to invest in market-entry. Even though some companies main focus is at this point just to find out whether China could be the right market for them.”

7 companies selected to Grow to China 2018 program are Cozify, Cuppla Technology, Lingo Languages, Marabas, Te?ted, ValueSource Partners and Genbu.

Grow to China trip will be organized on the 11th to 16th of June 2018 in Shanghai. In order to guarantee the most beneficial program for companies the program of the week will be build based on the needs and wishes of the selected companies. In this work the partners have crucial role and for example Techcode wants to make sure that each attending company will have relevant and useful one-on-one meetings during the trip.

 “We want to understand the companies selected to Grow to China –program as well as possible. This way we can tailor our services and find the relevant contacts from Techcode’s wide network to each company.” says ‎Senior Business Development Manager of Techcode Finland Juho Pirinen.

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Matti Härkönen, CEO | Founder, Kasvun Roihu Oy, +358 40 578 2688,

Petri Palviainen , Partner | Advisory service, DHS Oy Audit Partners | Member of Crowe Horwath International, + 358 50 517 1663,

Juhana Hietala, Head of Sales and Marketing, Kolster Oy Ab, +358 50 385 3495,

Juho Pirinen, Senior Business Development Manager, TechCode Finland, +358 45 2191 119,


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