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the best platforms to find the most relevant partners for your company; whether you are looking for growth partners, internationalization partners or investors. And as we know, together we are stronger – so with the right partners you will be heading towards growth and international markets faster than you know it.

Grow your business

Kasvu Open – top coaching for your business and growth plan

Kasvu Open is the largest growth coaching program for SMES in Finland. In Kasvu Open we promise to bring the best and biggest network of venture growth experts, business managers and investors in the country to help you clarify your company’s growth plan – free of charge.

If you would like to participate with your company and boost your growth, find out more about Kasvu Open.

“Kasvu Open offered us know-how and information which we couldn’t have gotten from books and what would have costed hunderds of thousands of euros if we would have bought it from outside.”  

– Aki Soudunsaari, CEO Naava Oy

Internationalize your business

Grow to Market – your expressway to global business

Grow to Market is the largest private internationalization program in Finland for SMEs heading towards China, Sweden or USA.We guarantee that Grow to Market program strengthens your know-how about the target market and creates opportunities to meet relevant internationalization partners. The program enhances the ability to build co-operation, customer relationships and visibility.

If you would like to participate with your company and boost your internationalization, find out more about Grow to Market.

“Hey growth company! If you plan to conquer US market – this is your choice. During the one-week program you will get the best practices of US market entry. Your company pitch will get a field test with professionals – it will be super good at the end of the week. You will also get tens of new contacts from Finnish government organizations working with/in the US, the US experienced Finnish companies, the US investors, other companies going to the US.”
– Simo Salmensuu, CEO, Miradore Oy

Finance your growth

Innovestor – With Innovestor you get the capital and know-how you need to accelerate your growth

If you are an early-stage high-tech startup looking to accelerate your growth with an experienced venture capital investor, Innovestor may be the right partner for you. With Innovestor you get access to not only capital, but also valuable know-how and networks.

Find out more about Innovestor and their investment criteria on Innovestor’s website.

”One of the greatest benefits from Kasvu Open was polishing our pitching by utilizing the feedback we received from the growth experts. We also met many interesting growth experts and received some truly valuable tips. During the Kasvu Open process we developed a lot as a company.”
– Timo Heikkilä, Founder, Popit Oy

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