Anne Linnakari

Pirkanmaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
Pirkanmaan Broker 2014 – 2015


The first time I heard about Broker-program was in 2013 when the first program in Pirkanmaa started. At the time, it was something extremely special and just for the few and selected ones. But then in my development discussion, my manager told me that she had planned to recommend me to the next Broker-program. At first, I didn’t know what to think but after I did some research and talked with my colleagues who had already attended the first program – I got excited.

However, this enthusiasm was replaced with suspicion and fear when I heard that if I would attend this program, I should also carry out the Specialist Qualification in Business Development.

“How would I manage to graduate from this program next to my day job? What if I became the one participant who would not graduate? No way, I thought. I will not participate in this program!”

Despite this suspicion and fear, I started Broker-program in March 2014. But because of these concerns and doubts, at the beginning of the program, I was extremely skeptic. Luckily all of my prejudices turned out to be wrong. From Broker-program, I got, for example, more trust and new perspectives on my work. Many things that previously felt difficult to me, like networking and contacting companies, turned out to be even easy and natural to me. Through the program, my network and self-confidence grew. One very concrete tool that I got from the program is a binder, which is filled with all the information I learned in the program including people’s contacts. It has been an excellent help for me almost already for a year, and I use it nearly every week.

I believe that all of us participants got some energy and learned something new from the program.

But for me, the best thing in Broker was that it boosted up my work.

I learned something new every day. The program as a whole had been successfully built in a way that all the themes truly interested me. In addition, my customers have benefited from my training because I have worked many times as a broker for them after the program. I have examined connections, made preparations for my customers and developed concrete action plans together with them for their businesses.

I would describe Broker as a fountain, every drop of which helps you with your desire for knowledge and strengthens you in network-like operation together with your partners. This Broker-fountain is big and endless. Broker-program is also innovative, inclusive and positive. I recommend Broker absolutely for all of those who have a true desire and ambition to develop in their work.

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