Ari Tolonen

CEO, Landis+Gyr
Customer of Kasvu Open 2015-

Then, almost three years ago, we at Landis+Gyr started to think – why wouldn’t we organize our own Growth Track just for companies operating in energy business. Energy business had been an especially hot business branch for many years, and organizing this kind of event could bring a lot of possibilities for us. In 2015 this idea became reality when we organized the first Fast Track Energy together with VAMK, VASEK and Ostrobothnia Chamber.

Our main goal was, and still is, to find companies with new ideas and innovations with whom we could create true business and cooperation. And the first year was a success! The quality of our 15 finalists was very good, and with five of them we were able to continue discussions and create true partnerships. After this success it was quite an easy task to decide whether we would organize this again, and this year’s Fast Track Energy (2016) seems to fulfill our objectives again.

I have many positive memories about Kasvu Open, but maybe the most memorable of them relate to times when I have worked as a growth specialist in Kasvu Open events.

It has been so interesting to meet companies from totally different business fields and hear about business ideas you can’t even imagine. Before those meetings, I often worried about not being able to help these companies at all – what if I would not find anything to say? However, these doubts were always unnecessary because it is true that the basic principles in business apply in all businesses.

After these two years, I would absolutely recommend large international companies to take advantage of this possibility.

We at Landis+Gyr have extremely positive experiences about Kasvu Open and we think that we are truly lucky that we have found this kind of channel or a way to find potential partners from SME’s and especially startups. I would also recommend Kasvu Open for all the SME’s and startups because it is a unique possibility to get feedback on your company’s business idea and growth plans – free of charge. In addition, these meetings with external people can help you to see your business from a different point of view and that way to find totally new possibilities for your company. And in the end, it is also an easy way to find new connections from large corporations who can, for example, help you test your wings in global business field.

It has always been a pleasure to work with Kasvun Roihu and the rest of Kasvu Open team because the whole team is filled with happy and social people. We have had already an amazing journey – and this journey will continue!

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