Elina Pekkarinen

CEO, Keuke, Development Centre ltd.
Customer of Kasvu Open 2015-

In fall 2012 I was searching for different kinds of service concepts for growth companies and that’s when I came across Kasvu Open. What truly caught my attention in Kasvu Open then was the use of growth specialists – management level specialists who gave their own effort to help SME’s voluntarily and free of charge. Of course the method was interesting, but it was the use of human and experience capital that made the difference. After that I started to follow Kasvu Open and its development.

Then, in spring 2014, we got an invitation from Kasvun Roihu to attend Kasvu Open event held in Metropolitan Area. It was then when it hit me – we should organize our own Growth Track. By organizing our own Growth Track we could get our own area’s growth companies more involved and that way benefit the most from it.

When we decided to organize our first Growth Track, our main goal was to awaken growth hunger in our region’s companies.

We wanted to make them see that growth is important and possible for everyone. Another goal for us was, naturally, to search and find truly potential growth companies from Keski-Uusimaa. The third and last main goal was to create a regional network that would support our own area’s SME’s and their growth. 

After these two years in Kasvu Open I think that we have reached our goals. We have been able to awaken companies to the growth theme, we have found new potential growth companies, and through Kasvu Open, our region’s different operators have started to work together. From Kasvu Open co-operation, we have also gained a reputation as a supporter of growth companies, which has brought a lot of positive feedback for us from our partners. Naturally, it has been amazing to hear positive feedback from the companies that have attended our Growth Track because it is the positive feedback from a customer what truly counts.

Kasvun Roihu and the whole Kasvu Open team has an excellent service attitude.

The whole team is energetic and they are always ready to stretch beyond their limits. In addition all the projects are done most professionally – I could not be more satisfied with their work. I would absolutely recommend Kasvu Open because it is a concrete way to support growth companies and the concept truly works. Nowadays we have to compete for our customers’ attention. Getting that attention comes down to the benefits we can offer them. Kasvu Open is a concept that has clear benefits and companies get easily excited about it. The concept is also cost-effective and effortless for buyers. In Kasvu Open you have your head in the clouds but feet on the ground and hands in the clay.

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