Tuija Pohjansaari­-Kirmo

Training Manager, Tampere Adult Education Centre, HiOMO
Cooperation partner in Broker­-programs.

We have executed Broker-­programs together with Kasvun Roihu since 2014 when we executed the first Broker­-program in Pirkanmaa. After that we have built deeper co-­operation and started also another program in our area.

I heard about Broker the first time from Liisa Klinge training coordinator of Tampere vocational college (Tredu). The program caught my attention because it seemed to be a fresh new way to execute training for Specialist Qualification in Business Development. Nowadays I believe that Broker­-program is still a fresh and inclusive way to network and develop your own know-­how, and that is what differentiates it from its competitors. With Broker­-program we can offer our customers all other business developer’s networks beside our own network. The learning theory and challenging networks are also very close to our way of executing business training and that way we complement each other.

Broker-­program is something that is beneficial for both the companies and business developers.

It also encourages the participant to network, participate and to get more excited about their own work. However, I believe that the best things about Broker-programs are the inspiring contact days and meeting companies and business development experts who attend these contact days.

Broker­-programs have two important and concrete benefits for us. The first benefit is that it keeps us up with operation and operators in business development. Another benefit is that with the help of the program we can also update our own perceptions about the challenges and possibilities in today’s business world.

I would recommend cooperation with Kasvun Roihu because in Broker-­program you have a possibility to build customized training for your own area. The team of Roihu constantly evaluates and develops its operations, and together with them we have been building Broker-­program to Pirkanmaa.

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