Kasvu Open

The largest growth coaching program for SMEs in Finland

Top coaching, new networks and true business opportunities

Together with our Kasvu Open partners we share a mission to make Finland the world’s best growth company nation.

Each year Kasvu Open gathers 400-350 the most innovative and growth hungry startups and start again companies to develop their businesses, grow their networks and find true business opportunities. All this happens in a fun, relaxed and inspiring atmosphere.

participated companies since 2014


growth experts 


Kasvu Open year starts with 20-28 separate growth tracks around Finland. It culminates to Kasvu Open Karnevaali which held in Jyväskylä in October, where winning companies from each track compete for the growth-victory: Most Promising Growth Venture and in year 2019 also for 1-million-euro funding!

Since 2014, in total, 1700 companies have participated in coaching, 1500 experts have offered their support to these companies and 270 partners have helped us carry out the program on a regional and national level.

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