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Support Finnish SMEs development and growth

Kasvu Open – be part of Finland’s largest growth company ecosystem and accelerate SMEs’ growth

Kasvu Open is the largest growth coaching program for SMEs in Finland. Each year Kasvu Open gathers the most innovative and growth hungry startups and start again companies to develop their businesses and grow their networks.

Since 2014, in total, 1700 companies have participated in coaching, 1500 experts have offered their support to these companies and 270 partners have helped us carry out the program on a regional and national level. Together with these Kasvu Open partners we share a mission to make Finland the world’s best growth company nation. – Do you share this mission with us?

Through Kasvu Open partnership you will get to

1. Make a difference. Accelerate Finland’s, your region’s or industry’s SMEs’ growth with the proven, most cost efficient and also awarded national business development concept

2. Find partnerships with growth companies, Kasvu Open partners and other network members

3. Accelerate your own organization’s learning and develop your team’s knowhow and professionalism

4. Strengthen your positive brand recognition among growth companies and other growth company network 

If you would like to accelerate SMEs development and growth through Kasvu Open partnership, find out more from here.

“Nowadays we have to compete for our customers’ attention. Getting that attention comes down to the benefits we can offer them. Kasvu Open is a concept that has clear benefits and companies get easily excited about it. The concept is also cost-effective and effortless for buyers. In Kasvu Open you have your head in the clouds but feet on the ground and hands in the clay.”

– Elina Pekkarinen, CEO, Keuke, Development Centre ltd.

Support Finnish growth companies entering global markets

Grow to Market – Be internationalization partner for the most promising Finnish SMEs heading to Chinese, U.S or Swedish markets

Grow to Market is the largest private internationalization program in Finland for SMEs heading towards international markets in China, Sweden or USA. The program is targeted for both the companies that are planning on starting their international growth path and for those companies that have started it but are still in quite beginning of this path. Since 2017, with the help of our 34 partners, we have helped 192 SMEs to find out their business potential in Chinese, Swedish and the U.S. markets through 10 Grow to Market programs. Would you like to support the next Finnish global success stories?


Through Grow to Market partnership you will get to

1. Help Finnish growth companies generally or from your region or industry to plan their internationalization and succeed in Chinese, Swedish and the U.S. markets

2. Find valuable partnerships especially with growth companies but also other Grow to Market partner and network members

3. Accelerate your own organization’s learning and develop your team’s know-how and professionalism about the target market and growth companies needs and wishes regarding internationalization

4. Strengthen your positive brand recognition among internationalizing growth companies and out Grow to Market networ

If you would like to help Finnish SMEs to internationalize their business through Grow to Market partnership, find out more from here.

“Kasvun Roihu’s wide networks show that they have ability to cooperate and it is nice to work with people who are capable for cooperation. In fact there is no point in working with those who aren’t capable for that.”

– Veijo Komulainen, Consulate General of Finland in New York

Invest in future success stories

Innovestor – Interested in investing in innovative early-stage startups together with a professional venture capital investor?

Innovestor is your investment channel to the Nordic region’s future success stories. Invest in startups together with Innovestor based on your own preferences and needs.

Choose to invest in a single company via their Co-investment platform or build your own diversified startup portfolio. Or if you are an institutional investor, allocate capital to Innovestor’s funds for complete investment management.

All companies go through a rigorous selection process and are pre-vetted according to professional VC standards. Innovestor has the largest private venture backed portfolio in the Nordics and invests in high-tech companies without industry limitations.

If you are interested in investing in startups, visit Innovestor’s website to find out more.

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