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Grow to Sweden offers you an easy market entry

As you benefit from the coaching of our partners as well as the support of your peers, Grow to Sweden provides a productive and easy way to test your company’s abilities in this tempting and quite natural but still extremely competitive export market.

Take advantage of our extensive Swedish business network and get on the fastlane to this new market.

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Grow to Sweden is

A free orientation workshop

Grow to Sweden orientation workshops took place a few months before the trip. The workshop is free of charge and attending doesn’t require participation in the upcoming trip. In the workshop, with the guidance of our capable partners, you are able to map out how ready your business or product is for the foreign market.

A three-day trip to Stockholm

During the trip you will be introduced to the most relevant potential business partners for your company. You will get one-on-one coaching as you go through the meetings, share your successes with your fellow entrepreneurs and enjoy an unforgettable experience as you pave the way for success in Swedish market.

Professional consultation

We have diverse group of partners operating in the Swedish market, willing to share their knowledge and give you access to their own network. Their coaching is based on real world experience, on observations with other companies within other networks entering the market.

We provide the best network for Finnish companies.

Our network is your
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Are you interested to find out whether Sweden could be the right market for you? Apply to our next Grow to Sweden program and get invitation to free Orientation Workshop is held 11th of December in Helsinki.

If you become convinced that this could be the right market for you, Grow to Sweden trip to Stockholm is organized 2nd -4th of April. Price of trip (includes the program) is 2950€ +VAT.

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Ps. Application time to the program ends 6th of November.

Our Partners

Partners of Kasvun Roihu’s Grow to Sweden program are Crowe world’s 8th biggest network of accounting and advisory services, world’s second largest stock exchange NasdaqNewCo Helsinki service center for accelerating companies’ international growth, international consulting company Export Maker, a Finnish nonprofit network Boardman Grow Business Finland, Finnish accelerator for global growth and Innovestorthe leading nordic startup investor.

Previous programs?

In August 2018 we took 12 companies to Stockholm where they got coaching from themes like: introduction to the Swedish markets, reputation, trust and sustainability – what matters in Sweden and how to succeed in Sweden?

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