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Help for specific and common challenges

In year 2018 Kasvun Roihu and rest of the Kasvu Open team want to support even larger amount of companies in their growth plans. For this wish and need Kasvu Open team has invented Kasvu Invitation.

Kasvu Open Kasvu Invitation focuses on helping the growth companies in few most common business challenges. During these years we have recognized that few most common challenges for Finnish growth companies are:

  • Growth Finance
  • International Business
  • Human Resource Management

For these themes we are organizing our Kasvu Invitation -programs.

Kasvu Invitation Process

  1. Invitation Workshop
    Event for 40-80 growth companies. Partners organize group sparring for attending companies.
  2. Runway to Growth Workshop
    Partners and growth companies meet one-on-one coaching sessions where the focus is on companies concrete needs and questions. Event is organized as a part of Kasvu Open Karnevaali – the most positive business event of the year.


”The best thing at Growth Funding Kasvu Invitation was the conversations with other companies and the viewpoints we got from these conversations. Other companies experiences were eye opening and gave more broad perspective to financial planning. The growth experts had broad know-how about different financing options. I warmly recommend this process.”



Kasvu Open Kasvu Invitations

Growth Finance Invitation 

This Invitation aims to introduce the best and the most suitable financing tools for growth ventures. Presenting the best solutions regarding to public and private capital finance: venture capital, seed funding, government-backed bank loan and public funds. Now we are looking for the best partners from growth financing and offering them a chance to meet a special group of potential growth ventures.

International Business Invitation

What would be the most potential market for us? What could be suitable entry strategy, where to find most effective distribution channels, contacts and how to build network to the new markets? How to adapt product or services to the new market and in which channels to market them? International Business Invitation answers to these questions and aims to start the building of market entry strategy for the attending companies. We are looking for the best partner with international mindset and know-how for this Invitation.

Human Resources Management Invitation

This Invitation includes themes like leadership, development of organizational culture, building of success team and how to bring external help for developing business through board working. How these elements can accelerate company’s growth? Do you know the answer to the question how to build a great place to work and that way succeed in your business? If yes, you are the perfect partner for this Human Resources Invitation!

Call for Partners

Now we are looking for the best partners for these programs.
As Kasvu Open Kasvu Invitation partner you will get:

  • Direct face-to-face contact to the most growth-eager SMEs in Finland
    • Potential customers
    • Opportunity to learn
  • New networks
  • Effective and inspiring role as a part of Kasvu Open partner team
  • Visibility and lifts at Kasvu Open events, materials, Kasvu Open blog and social media channels


What kind of expectations Growth Finance Invitation 2017 partners Vauraus Suomi and Juuri Partners had for the program?

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