Roihu Growth

Collaboration between corporations and our growth network

Roihu Growth programs empower collaboration between corporations and our growth venture network of almost 1500 small growth-­hungry companies and over 1000 experts.

Build your own Roihu Growth program

Roihu Growth is a collaboration program for corporations – its teams and managers – who want to work with some of Finland’s most eager­-to-­grow businesses and growth experts.

Based on the needs, ideas or struggles of your corporation

…. we will develop your own Roihu Growth program. The content of your program can vary from innovating new business ideas, getting advice and tools for growth, to pretty much anything you come up with.

We challenge our network to cooperate with you

What connects all Roihu Growth programs is the cooperation between large corporations and growth-hungry companies and experts from our network. Once we have planned your Roihu Growth program, we will spread the word in our network inviting members to participate.

Ongoing Roihu Growth programs

Nordea Growth program

for improving 8 SMEs readiness for financing and growth!

Let's get started

Contact us below and tell how you would like to collaborate with our network and together we’ll gather a group of experts and entrepreneurs for your own Roihu Growth program.


Just tell us how we can reach you, and we’ll get in touch us soon as possible.

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