Aleksi Saarinen

Aleksi Saarinen

Project Manager

I would say I’m at the very least an active person and I truly believe in what we are trying to achieve here.

In addition, I know what hard work means and that success comes before work only in a dictionary! With these properties I’m going to help others reach their goals as well, so together we can make the future the best possible. ­

If I have to describe myself with three adjectives I would say that I’m  helpful, humble and gentle. But if I have to describe my know-how or talents I would use words like teamwork, entrepreneurship and management.

Before I joined Kasvun Roihu’s team, I studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä as Bachelor of Economics. During my education, me and my two buddies established a company called WayOut Ltd. which offers live room escape experiences in Jyväskylä, Tampere and Hyvinkää.

I decided to apply to Kasvun Roihu’s team, because I felt the winds of change coming and decided that being an entrepreneur is not for me, or not full-time at least. I have always have been interested in this kind of development job and that’s the main reason I applied to work here. ­­

The best thing about my work is helping other people and companies achieve something that they didn’t know was possible. Getting positive feedback from someone who really appreciates the help I was able to give is the best feeling ever.

My goal is to be a good team member and earn my place in the team every day: doing my every day job as well as possible and learn from my mistakes. Continuous development is the key! ­

During my free time I try to spend time with people around me and keep myself entertained. I kick box, cook and play drums as a hobby. In addition I’m a passionate video gamer, movie watcher and music listener. In the future I hope to travel a lot and educate myself about the planet we live on. Sometimes I feel like there is not enough hours in a day to do everything I want, so everything comes in phases.

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