Anna-Mari Blek

Anna-Mari Blek

Business Director, Grow to Market & Partner

I actively utilize my strengths and try to give my best every day. As a team member I will challenge others and they will challenge me. I believe that in the future, workplaces will be born in small and medium enterprises, and they need experienced people around them. My goal is to generate growth in Finnish companies. I’m very thankful when I see growth news from our clients. Then I know that we have succeeded. Our team is the best thing in my job! Our team consists of unique persons who all have their own super skills, and I believe it to be our strength.

Kasvun Roihu became familiar to me when I worked as a volunteer at Kasvu Open Final in 2014 and 2015. I wanted (and still want) to be a part of a growth company’s team and to learn how to generate controlled growth. Kasvun Roihu is a perfect place to learn those skills. I also like networking, and in this position you can do it as much you want!

I graduated from Tiimiakatemia, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences in 2014, and after that I made a trip around the world. I came back to Finland in May 2015 and started seeking for new work opportunities. I worked at DNA’s customer service from October 2015 to December 2015. From January 2016, I have been a part of Kasvun Roihu’s team. I’m passionate about tennis and I am a member of Jyväskylä’s Tennis Club. I also like taking long walks or cross country skiing with my dog at weekends. After workdays, I go to the gym. Gym makes a good break between work and free time.

The most memorable comment about me was made by Nina during my second week in Kasvun Roihu: ”Nannu, now you are doing exactly those things we hired you for!”

”If you want to achieve something – you have to work for it” thinking


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