Anni Hintikka

Anni Hintikka

Service Manager, Grow to Market

I like to be in the top of things, always knowing our team’s current working situation. I feel comfortable when I’m prepared, which means that I try to do everything beforehand and be as helpful as I can to others. My aim in this job is to do my part so that we will continue being the company that develops and advances Finnish SMEs’ economy and offers new ways and tools for SMEs to develop and grow their businesses. I also see that in the future we will be one of the most significant operators helping Finnish SMEs enter global market. On the other hand, my aim is to do my work so that I can be an example to others and to give my best effort to our team.

The best things about my work are concrete results, large network and the team. Helping firms to grow and hearing about their achievements is absolutely motivating. We work with a large national business network which includes different operators from Finnish business life.

Doing business together with the customers is interesting and inspiring. It is also great that I get to work with enthusiastic and talented people who are motivated by this work. I feel that this team gives me a proper responsibilities as well as challenges me to work better every day. Roihu’s team is effective and adaptable and everyone truly believes in this work and does it with their heart in it. I want to be a part of this team and see that this job can offer me a good ground for my future career.

I did my final studies for master’s degree in Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics and my major was marketing. Most of my free time I spend with my family and friends. I like to spend time outdoors, usually taking walks or jogging. And whenever there is enough time to read a book or knit a pair of wool socks I do that.

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