Janne Roiha

Janne Roiha

Executive Vice President

I’m a fan of our customers, those brave people who believe in a better future and are willing to put themselves on the line for others. I want to be a part of this positive revolution that is happening in Finland right now. I want to help Finnish companies to make a real breakthrough into international markets. I hope I can help people to believe that it ́s possible and to get them to really work to make it happen. Before joining Kasvun Roihu dream team, I worked for a while in Kokkola regional development company and as an entrepreneur in Monkey Business cooperative.

I applied for Kasvun Roihu because I wanted to challenge myself to learn new things and grow as a coach & learning designer. With Kasvun Roihu dream team, I think I have a great chance to create something spectacular.


If I should describe myself, I would use words like curious, patient and humane, but the words best describing my professional skills are learning design, coaching and leadership. After work, it’s time to focus on my family; play with my two daughters or go running with our Labrador retriever Sulo.

I have heard that my colleagues have said that Kasvun Roihu office is more fun after I came along. I think that was maybe the best feedback on my working career. After all, life is about having fun with people you care about and respect.


  • +358 44 034 2179
  • janne.roiha@roihu.com

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