Lassi Starck

Lassi Starck

Production Manager

I am growth entrepreneurship’s laborer who is ready to do what needs to be done for successful events and projects. Roihu and especially Kasvu Open share my ideology where you can improve the world by improving one company at a time. I want to help others to flourish and this is a great way to execute this ideology. At the same time I want to make this world a happier place to live in by rotating this ongoing negative cycle towards a positive one.

The best things in my work are the people with whom we are creating and maintaining this social movement of growth. Especially our team, which has all that it takes to succeed and doing it by having fun! For my personal development, it’s important that this job gives me possibilities to develop myself and my skills and to test my abilities. Every day is a possibility to learn something new!

I’ve studied one year in the University of Oulu, my major was math. After that I moved to study in Tiimiakatemia Jyväskylä, from which I graduated in January 2014. In between graduation and Roihu, I worked as an entrepreneur running a seasonal restaurant and doing some smaller miscellaneous projects concerning mainly team learning. I’ve also worked as a taxi driver.

I spend my free time with my friends, go to gym or jogging. I keep track of sports widely and ice hockey is one of my true passions. In the summer, I like to play Disc golf and enjoy warm weathers. I also like nature and like to work in the forest in Northern Savonia where I’m from. I consume fair amount of music and like to go and see gigs.

The best comment about me and the rest of the Front office –team was made by Janne: ”It’s always fun to work with people wiser than yourself. They’ve already accomplished the tasks you are asking them to do.”

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