Maria Häkkinen

Maria Häkkinen

Business Director, Kasvu Open & Partner

In this team we all pull together: work together and help workmates to succeed. I think it’s a privilege to be a part of this kind of team. Because of this, I want to reclaim my place as a part of our team every day by doing my job as well as I can. I’m at my best in sticky and challenging situations. In those situations, the spark turns into a blaze and I give 110% of me. As a teammate I’m supportive and always ready to help others when my help is needed.

The best thing about my work is to meet hundreds of Finnish companies that are excited about their own business ideas and want to create the best possible success story from their business. By working in Kasvun Roihu I think that I have a true possibility to help companies to achieve their dreams and make their dreams come true. My first goal as a part of Roihu’s team is to be a part in making Kasvun Roihu into a nationally and internationally known company. Another goal of mine is to improve my own know­how about coaching and to build my career among the business development of the future.

I have graduated from Tiimiakatemia of JAMK University of Applied Sciences in 2013. After that I worked as a sales negotiator in Central Finland Chamber of Commerce for half a year before joining Kasvun Roihu’s team.

I keep on going also in my free time. Gym and running are important hobbies for me, but to balance these, I like to relax by listening to good music, cooking and eating good food with a glass of wine.

Maybe the best comment I have gotten from a customer was from the customer of Kainuu Growth Track: ”You have done your job with style and like a true professional. It is something what we all can follow contently… awesome!”

Gentle but strict


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