Matti Härkönen

Matti Härkönen

Founder & CEO

I’m genuinely committed to supporting our customers’ growth and solving their problems. I’m also an extremely result-oriented builder of growth teams and interested in multiplying our customer’s revenues.

I have worked all my life as a developer of small and medium-sized companies both in public and private sector. However, I believe that Roihu is the only way to realize my own passion, which is to inspire Finnish companies to growth and open windows to the world for them. I truly love my work because it is great to meet every week new entrepreneurs and business executives that are inspired by growth and have found their dreams.

In my free time I enjoy the company of my wife and two daughters. Spending time (in many different ways) with my good friends is also an important part of my free time.

Executor – when others are still thinking i have already done it


  • +358 40 578 2688

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