Riina Haapasalmi

Riina Haapasalmi

Project Manager

It is easy to get behind our mission, and I see it resonating in everything we do.

Working in a fast changing environment gives me energy and makes me more efficient. I like to be very organized and plan my work ahead of time, which is probably why I love managing a creative chaos, if you will. In Roihu’s team, I thrive on helping my teammates succeed, since a shared victory is twice as big.

When examining my options close to graduation, I found my way to Roihu. It is ease to get behind what do, and I find this network and seeing the progress in the organizations taking part in this growth ecosystem amazing. This team has a culture of helping others and is quick to adapt to change, which makes it a great environment for learning and growing as a professional.

When asked to describe myself, I would say I am curious, determined and energetic, but my professional skills are better discribed in effieciency, hands-on attitude and continuous learning. I try to apply these skills to my work to earn my place among my amazing worksmates every day.

I recently graduated from the University of Jyväskylä School of Business and Economics with a Master’s in accounting. I love photography, which is what I fill my free time with, when I’m not spending it with friends and family. Whenever there is a sports turnament of any kind, you will find me nailed to the TV. I believe that being curious about the world we live in, and the opportunities it offers, enriches our lives, so I apply this to everything I do, both in business and in my freetime. This is why I am more than pleased to start my professional career in Kasvun Roihu, a place of growth and change.

Always crying when watching sport


  • +358 50 477 8779
  • riina.haapasalmi@roihu.com

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