Kasvu Open Nordic partners and companies

Kasvu Open Nordic partners

Kasvu Open Nordic was executed with best partners:


Kasvu Open Nordic companies


1. Sniffie Software

Sniffie is a cloud-based data monitoring service which can be used without any technical or coding know-how. The method to define the data points to be monitored with the select-and-save functionality is extremely simple.

2. Treamer

iOS Mobile application that includes whole recruitment process from employee social validation and performance evaluation to job posting, selection and the easy but legal salary payment (directly from user credit card).

3. Opti Automation

OptiWatti is a unique solution for controlling building temperatures in room level. This not only maximizes the savings, but ensures ultimate comfort of living with right temperatures. Average savings in real cases vary from 30-50% of heating energy saved.

4. Aurelia Turbines

We produce the most efficient small gas turbines in the world. With
efficiencies above the competition, we are transforming distributed energy generation.

5. TreLab

Solution and service for enabling wireless retrofit remote monitoring to legacy equipment and machinery that enables near real-time data collection and data-driven operations development.

6. Cozify

Cozify makes smart devices play together. Cozify Hub connects with all smart devices in your home and provides a single app to control and automate them all. A 3rd party can utilize Cozify full-stack platform to provide an IoT offering of their own.

7. Flexound Systems

Flexound® Xperience is modular and can be easily integrated into a variety of host products. With Flexound® Xperience the products can be boosted to entertain and offer the end-users surreal audio experiences.

8. SEP Solutions

Our system is the Fitbit of baby care, and it exists to help first-time, generationy parents feel confident in baby care. We’ve combined a design baby monitor with services that enables parents to keep track of the baby’s daily events – as well as also long term growth and development.

9. Congrid

Our software is comprehensive solution for this industry problem.
It has been developed for the needs of our customers operating in construction business.

10. BioGTS

Scalable and robust biorefinery units for cost efficient treatment
of organic waste and its conversion into renewable energy, vehicle
biofuels, chemicals and fertilizers.

11. Angular Velocity

We can provide real-time data using our markerless technology that benefits the athlete, the coach and the viewer. Presentation of the data can be customized to each of the segments accordingly

12. Fourdeg

Fourdeg offers branded or white label service for partnering Energy or Building service companies. This Smart Heating service for heating buildings includes smart self learning big data cloud algorithms for energy efficiency and heating quality improvement, UI for building maintenance and tenants and industry standard proven hardware.

13. Ficonic Solutions

Carrio (www.carrioapp.com) will become the world’s best in-vehicle
infotainment (IVI) solution that fits to all 1 Billion cars in the world.
Carrio combines content and information from different sources to
deliver an uncompromised contextual driving experience.

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